Thursday, December 3, 2009

my last post where i wish it was summer... promise

im just going to stop saying sorry for not posting. i am a busy lad, and it just happens. recently, ive been espically busy. long days, and short sleeps make for a tired brain. and in my moments of lapse, i find my thoughts escaping to the recently ended summer (yes, again). this winter has certainty not kicked into high gear yet. its mostly damp and grey, but not biting cold. but it isnt really the weather that has me in a reminiscing mood. it was specifically my outdoor office. you see, work is much easier when you have an outdoor office, with wi fi internet and bay windows. you might not think this, but it ramped up my productivity. i never daydreamed about better days gone by when i was sitting in my own little piece of paradise (seriously, its that good). i just enjoyed the simple comfort of not having to work in doors, chained to a desk... looking out the window. the simple pleasures enjoyed there extended to other parts of my life, including cooking. i went through a whole phase of "simple is better"... and it really is. nothing could be more simple than 3 ingrediant tomato sauce, served on Cappalini pasta and some rapini on the side. it is truly one of my favorite dishes. and its totally veggie, although it also goes well with a pork loin cutlet simply fried with some salt and pepper.

3 (but kinda 5) ingrediant tomato sauce


4 or 5 large cloves of garlic finely diced

1 can of good quality italian tomatos

half a cup of high quality italian olive oil

salt and pepper to taste (these two dont count as ingrediants today)

i know the olive oil might seem a bit much, but trust me, the more the better!


1. add a medium pan to medium-high heat on the oven. when the pan is hot add olive oil and heat through.

2. add the garlic to the oil and give it a quick stir to make srue it is evenly distributed around the pan and cook for one or 2 minutes. you want to just cook the garlic, not letting it get too much colour. add the can of tomato's and mash the whole tomatos with a potato masher until they are broken down. partially cover and let cook for 30 - 40 minutes, stiring ever 10 minutes. when it is done, some of the water should have evaporated and it should have a slightly chunky, but not too thick of a texture. remove from heat, add salt if it needs it, and let sit

3. heat a pot of water, salted till it tastes like the sea, on the stove top. once at a rigorous boil add your pasta and boil for 2 to 3 minutes. you want to make sure the pasta has slightly more bite than aldente. drain the pasta and put back in the pot. put the pot back on the burner at medium-high and add small amount of the sauce to the pan. cook for 1 minute, or until pasta is aldente. remove from heat and serve the pasta in a big bowl! add a little more sauce to the top, if that is your thing, and grate some of your favorite hard cheese on top. serve with some steamed rapini tossed with olive oil and some flur de sel. this is the perfect quick afternoon meal and is great the next day. enjoy!