Sunday, August 16, 2009

BBQ Salt and Pepper Broccoli

broccoli is awesome. i hate that it gets a bad rap as a pedestrian or common veggie. it tastes awesome, has great texture, and you can prepare it in many ways. sure, it doesn't have the same distinguished history as say asparagus or the panache of the multi-colored sweet pepper, but it is a loyal provider that always comes through in a pinch. that's my kind of veggie. here is a recipe i have been using at all my bbq's all summer. it is seriously the only thing that is always on the menu. there is never any left overs and its quite possibly the easiest recipe i will ever post.

BBQ Salt and Pepper Broccoli

1 large head of broccoli cut into large pieces (you dont want them to fall through the holes in the grill)
lots of Salt Pepper
olive oil to coat


1. light the coals on your bbq and let run hot, or turn your bbq to high.

2. put the broccoli in a large bowl and add olive oil, salt, and pepper. toss to coat

3. add contents of the bowl to the grill and cook for 1 to 3 minutes a side, or until the edges just begin to char

4. remove from grill and serve immediately.

this goes well with anything that comes off the grill or is good on its own.

i dont have any good pictures, so the one above will have to do for now.

shout outs to skratch bastid who showed me this recipie


Anonymous said...

Hi - its Jane, in Halifax. I tried out this brocoli and its amazing. LOVED it. Thank you.

Spleen said...

Yeah man. I did this but boiled the veggies for 30 secs before. AWESOME.
Salt really is the salt of the earth.