Friday, September 11, 2009

BBQ Tenderloin of Pork

so ive made a pretty big deal this summer about how many bbq sauces i tried. somewhere around 40 is what i figured the number was. like all good stories, i embellished and its prolly actually somewhere around 30. I was asked by my good friends at Tiger Distribution (who put some of your favorite brands like WESC, Brixton, Penfield, New Balance, and PF Flyer in the coolest stores across the country) to cater for a roof top bbq for 50 people. i had never done anything like that before and they wanted me to do it all from 1 small bbq. i had to bring my bbq from home too. it was a little hectic (not due at all to the fact that i was totally high on drugs and booze) but i got through it and the whole thing was a huge success. people loved it. i cooked some bbq veg, bbq broccoli, chicken drums, honey garlic shrimps... but the king of the bbq was the pork. a whole bbq'ed tenderloin dry rubed, slathered in sizzling bbq sauce, rested, then sliced. it is easily the best bbq dish i make and by some accounts, the best thing i have ever made.

i dedicate this post to the guys at Tiger who outfit me and all my clients (for those who dont know, im a manager for musicians, DJ's, and producers). Ian, Jesse, Leather, Banan, Ash, Shya, and everyone else there, thanks for all your support and free clothes!

BBQ Pork Tenderloin


4 pork tenderloins about 1.5 pounds each, cleaned. (i dont cut off the small tale, i keep it for people who like their pork well done)


equal parts: dried onion, dried garlic, dried ginger, black peppercorns, fennel seed, mustard seed, ground into a course powder in a mortar and passel.

salt to taste


2 cups katchup

juice of half a limon

3/4 cup lousiana hot sauce

1 table spoon worchestershire sauce

2 table spoon dark soy sauce

1 table spoon light soy sauce

1/3 a cup fancy molasas

half cup brown sugar, packed

1/3 a cup maple syrup

3 heaping tables spoons of whole wet mustard

1/8 cup of white basalmic viniger

1/8 cup apple cider viniger

one small pinch cheyeanne pepper

cooking directions.

1. Add the rub to a baking dish that is large enough to use to roll the tenderloins in. take the tenderloins one at a time and roll them in the rub. the rub should cover every red inch of the pork. roll it, press it, sprinkle it. whatever you have to do to get the rub on there. set asside for 30 minutes to an hour.

2. combine all of your ingrediants for the bbq sauce in a bowl and mix with a wisk until completely combined. set asside. turn your bbq on high and allow to heat up.

3. once the BBQ is well hot, take the tenderloins and place them on the grill. you want to cook them untill you see some char and then turn them, repeating this process on all sides. once the rub is nice and cooked lower your temp to medimum and put a generous helping of BBQ sauce on all sides. close the lid for 2 or 3 minutes and then turn and repeat. do this untill the pork is cooked to medimum, about 4 or 5 turns or 15 or so minutes. you should have a thick layer of bbq sauce and rub on the ouside of the tenderloin.

4. let the tenderloin sit for 5 or 6 minutes. this will cook the meat till it is medimum well (just a little pink in the middle). slice into 2 or 3 inch peces and serve with mashed potato's and corn on the cob. enjoy

**sorry for the shitty pictures of this one. i will be having one last bbq in a couple weeks, so i will try to get a good one there.


DL said...

ohh I didn't realize you had MADE all that food! I thought you were just manning the grill... I remember being super impressed that there were veggies on the grill too (especially the delicious broccoli!) oh and Shourov nearly creamed his pants over the shrimp.

im not a player said...

oh ya, i totally made it. Ian and i went to the store earlier that day and spent $500 on everything. it was pretty awesome, if not a lot of work. everything from scratch. the shrimp was super easy. just lots of garlic, honey, and chilly pepper. put shrimp on the grill on high heat and brush with sauce. bam.